Hi, I’m Jaclyn Vásquez and I’m a pre-published children’s literature author. As the grandkid of Mexican immigrants, I strive to create representative stories that I can pass down to my multicultural daughters.

From a young age, I enjoyed immersing myself in the magic that books contain. From there, the thread of storytelling snowballed from playing all the Zelda games to reading every available Goosebumps book. Now, I am lucky enough to get to do these things with my two daughters. My love of speculative-fiction, storytelling, and humor season all my approaches to life–especially the humor part. 

For my day job, I teach first-year composition at UC Riverside. Within Composition, my interdisciplinary pedagogical approaches include sociolinguistics, creative writing, rhetoric, Teaching English as a Second Language, and literary theory. As a first-generation college grad, I’m proud of my B.A. in English Literature, my M.A. in Composition with an emphasis in Applied Linguistics & TESL, and my work-in-progress Education Doctorate. 

I live in Southern California with my husband, our two kids, and two energetic pups.